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About Us

BILYAN is dedicated to fostering global innovation driven collaboratively by professionals, researchers, students, and industry. Our goal is to help clients like you and your company improve products and services in health, energy, transportation, 3D printing, and advanced manufacturing sectors. We leverage the interdisciplinary strengths of our partners in an active, continuous exchange of ideas.

Our team enjoys building future interests, including products and services that are needed in the global economy. It is exciting to create these things, and to build the important infrastructure that will be used by generations to come. Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience, and puts it to work each day to move new ideas from concept to market.

Through our robust professional network and knowledge management resources, we can inform your people and connect the problems you face with solutions you will own. Join us today and work faster and smarter to connect the ideas, intellectual properties, technologies, and commercialization you need to drive new innovations.

Jill A. T. Sorensen, Senior Innovation Manager

Jill Sorensen is a senior innovation manager with over twenty-five years of experience in emerging technology, intellectual asset, business and economic development management. She has focused her innovation management advisory services (Bilyan – Business Innovation Labs and Action Networks) over the past ten years in the health, energy, transportation and additive manufacturing sectors. As part of her dedication to supporting the emerging technology sector and related jobs creation, Jill has founded and supported multiple start-ups, both for-profit, non-profit entities and social enterprise.

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