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Innovative Technology Development & Monetization Solutions

Turn your intellectual property and assets into revenue streams with BILYAN and our customized technology development and monetization solutions. Our goal is to become your preferred business partner to bridge nonprofit and for-profit innovation management solutions. We coordinate innovation management resources in sector-specific ways, allowing for the best management and innovation development based on market need and product/service value.

Knowledge on Demand

Our range of resources and knowledge allows us to streamline investors' access to knowledge. We train, launch, and fund the most effective entrepreneurs, and work hard to get products to those in need more quickly and effectively.

Our programs solve the "valley of death" encountered by emerging technologies in their development cycles. Our domain experts will configure your IP portfolio using our proprietary web-based patent landscape analytics and curate those knowledge sets with market and scientific literature to provide commercialization opportunities that turn ideas into corporate profits for our clients.

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In pursuit of our goals, you'll find the following services, solutions, and advantages over other innovation management services:

  • Highly Data-Driven & Web-Based Innovation Management Support & Advisory Services
  • IP Portfolio Landscape Analysis, Mapping, Mining, & Monetization
  • IP Sourcing & Bundling, Technology Positioning, & Product Definition
  • Market-Centric Technology Commercialization
  • Access to Seasoned Business Management
  • Startups and Graduation Opportunities for Product Development & Launch
  • Support for Product Prototyping & Clinical Testing
  • Regional Economic Development Support
  • Translational Research Program Development & Training